Extreme Makeover : Foreclosure Edition

on Wednesday, December 17, 2008

With the economy hitting an all time low and the housing market in the crapper, ABC's hit juggernaut Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, gives deserving and usually impoverished families a completed, safe and always spectacular home , where the would not be able to acquire if not for the show. But with the recent outbreaks of foreclosures and lawsuits, maybe they should change the name to Extreme Makeover: Home Debt Edition.
It all started with the Harper Family.....................
Patricia and Milton Harper, head of the Atlanta Based family of 5

got there Extreme Makeover wish granted in 2005. When they were done, the home dwarfed all the ranch and split-level structures in neighboring lots.
Also, Beazer Homes' employees and company partners raised a quarter-million dollars in contributions for the family. Which included scholarships for the three Harper children and a home maintenance fund. But the Harpers...well the "ADULTS" used there new home as collateral for a 450,000 dollar loan on a new construction business and of course when that didn't pan out, the house goes!........Doesn't anyone watch the news on one of those huge flat screens that they gave you? Housing and Construction market has been in a downward spiral for over a year!
A representative of ABC sent out an e-mail: "'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' advises each family to consult a financial planner after they receive their new home. Ultimately, financial matters are personal, and we work to respect the privacy of the families." Whats more, the Mayor for the town said It's aggravating," ,"It just makes you mad. You do that much work, and they just squander it."
We agree!.....who the hell takes out a loan for that much against a house? A house that you had no chance of getting in your lifetime. You have been given this great opportunity and people have given their time and money for you to have a better life, and this is what you do with it.
I feel sorry for the kids, because they are really who suffer in this....they now went from poverty to living the like and back to poverty because of the actions of adults.
This home (that took about 450 K to construct) is now on the market for 950K....CLICK HERE to see listing....with the housing market as it is today, good luck with selling that!

NEXT UP......The Herbert Family
When Eric Hebert of Sandpoint, ID got the unexpected call a year ago that his sister had died, leaving her twin children orphaned, he became father to his niece and nephew.

Eric Hebert said maintaining the home is too expensive and time-consuming as he raises his late sister's 11-year-old twins, Keely and Tyler.
Hebert is worried that community members who helped build his home in November 2006 will think he is selling it to make a profit.
"I'm doing it not to lose money," he said. "I just hope people understand the reality of it."
Hebert is single, works full-time in construction and spends most evenings taking the kids to baseball and soccer practice. He said he wants to enjoy his time with his niece and nephew, whose mother, Francine Hebert, died in 2004 of a heart attack at age 37.
Maintaining the 3,600-square-foot home is expensive, he added. Since moving in, Hebert said, his bills have tripled.
Sullivan Homes co-owner Lori Sullivan said she understands Hebert's plight. Sullivan Homes was the primary contractor on the project. A number of other contractors from Bonner County and the Spokane area also helped, along with hundreds of local volunteers.
"It's too bad it's a burden for him," Sullivan said. "We're sad for Eric."
Hebert said he would not trade the "Extreme Makeover" experience for anything. He believes it has changed his life and the children's for the better, citing their opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C., meet many caring people in the community and own the home.
But he said he doubts he will ever again live in such a nice home.
The house and the one-acre property it sits on are listed for sale for $529,000. Hebert also owns another two acres adjacent to the home and has listed that property for $160,000.
Hebert said he loves the home's layout and its private location, but after six months of thinking about what to do, he said he had to be realistic.

NEXT UP......The Kirkwood Family

This is a little different, as this is not a case of unable to pay for house, but rather, unable to fix there marriage.Dawne and Michael and their five children — received their Extreme Makeover in 2005 after they were living in cramped conditions due to black mold infesting their home. Dawne and Michael divorced this past August, forcing them to sell the house.

This home in Port Orchard, Washington, must now be sold due to the states community property law.....So you know that that means......assets must be halved between the spouses.
Even while living in such a home, Dawne Kirkwood has attempted to hold employment on top of raising her children — Michael Orion, 18, Jael, 14, Zion, 9, and Praize, 7, as well as Burgundi, 21. Michael has since moved to Tennessee, Kirkwood said.
Because of back property taxes, money owed to lawyers and life's expenses, selling the home has become the Kirkwoods' only option, she said.
Kirkwood said she wishes now that the home would have been placed into a trust for her children, and that they should own it. It was, after all, Kirkwood's daughter, Jael, who came up with the idea of writing to ABC. Mold and environmental dangers were threatening not only their home, but their lives.

On a more sad note comes the Byers Family
The family of four, which includes cancer patient JenessaBoey” Byers as well as her severely asthmatic brother.

Unfortunately Jenessa lost her battle with cancer and passed away, added to that
there's still $250,000 left on the old mortgage that they have to pay and then they have to start paying the property taxes on the new value of the home because it's a lot more than the old home was. They have started a fund for donations to help them stay in the home, but unless they get enough donations....they have to leave

Next Up....The Marerro Family
Billy Joe Marrero was one of three Camden, New Jersey children who were followed by ABC's "20/20" for 18 months as part of a documentary on children growing up in poverty, which aired in January of 07.After the show aired the family was nominated for an "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." and they were selected. The show gave single father Victor Marrero and his 5 sons a new home and about a year later , they put it up for sale....for 1 million dollars! (they have since taken it off the market!)

The Family moved into their new home on Federal Street in Pennsauken. In addition, the builder J.S. Hovnanian of Mount Laurel set aside $59,000 to help with bills according to Marrero. But celebrity can have its down side, and Marrero says he started getting bills he never knew he owed from years ago.
Marrero explains, "As soon as I moved in here, within a month a got bills way back from 1994 when I had my bypass. And they were saying they were going to put a lien on the house, so most of that money went to paying bills."
Marrero says it's an expensive home to operate and gas and electricity bills run between $700and $1200 a month. Property taxes are over $6,000. The nest egg, he says, is gone.
Marrero, who is on disability (due to his heart condition), says 3 of his 5 sons are now working to help out.
Also, they recieved additional support.......Rutgers University, the state university of New Jersey, has granted the five sons free tuition upon application and acceptance to the university. In addition, Margaret Marsh, provost of the Camden campus, said students have volunteered to tutor the sons. Acme Markets Inc. donated groceries for the family, filling their refrigerator and pantry. They also presented the Marreros with a $1,000 check for more food.As Tom Tobin, store director for the Acme store in Moorestown and Maple Shade, shook hands with the boys, he offered guaranteed jobs to the three sons over 16 years of age. (but we all know a handshake isn't a contact!).
In addition to education and food, Audrey Shapiro, director of public relations with Burlington Coat Factory, announced the company has donated 166 pieces of clothing to the family. She also handed Victor Marrero two new hats to wear and a surprise gift for him to give to his sons.The Marreros have also been given the opportunity to receive VIP treatment at the first home game of the Eagles football team. Three of the National Football League team's cheerleaders were on hand to give a little cheer and Leo Carlin with the Eagles invited the family to the team's training.Comcast Corp. has donated one year of their "Triple Play" services, which include digital voice, cable television and high-speed Internet. Commerce Bank had hundreds of volunteers on site during the build, as well as donating food to the workers and setting up the family fund to accept credit cards online and in-person at any of their locations.Tyson donated chicken to the family and $20,000 in chicken and meat to the City of Camden food bank, as well as $5,000 worth of coupons to the Marrero family for future Tyson purchases.Saladworks, who participated in the build and donated food, gave the family one year of free salads at any of their locations. Dad's Deli and Catering in Marlton donated food for the VIP tent and has also offered free meals to the family.Also during the press conference, Sam Martin, of Martin Insurance Company, gave the family insurance for the next three years.
The Urban Promise Ministries located next door ( who also donated the land to build the house on) says it will work with the family to help them find solutions to their problems. There are reports that is is no longer on the market due to the fact that Urban Promise may own the house now.......If they do, then the Marerro's are still in an unstable situation, since without ownership of your house or land, you can basically get evicted at any time!

That leads us to one of the more crazy stories out of the EM Camp...
The Leomiti & Higgens Families!

The Higgins family, five kids between the ages of 14 to 21-years-old, lived in a two-bedroom apartment in California, orphaned by the deaths of their parents. Their story grabbed headlines.
The family's church first raised money to help them out. Then, “Extreme Makeover" contacted the church to arrange an interview with the young adults. Maybe they could be the next “deserving family.”Fellow church members, the Leomiti family, then offered to take the Higgins family into their home. The lawsuit claims the family's motivation wasn't to save the kids from a life of despair. It was to get a newly built nine-bedroom house, mortgage paid, a week long vacation and other gifts like computers, stereos and cars. According to the suit against the Leomitis, ABC and the producers of “Extreme Makeover,” around the time the episode aired, the Higgins' moved out one-by-one as a result of a “orchestrated campaign” by the Leomiti family to get rid of them.
When the show was finished, the Leomitis' three-bedroom, two-bath house had more than tripled in size, to nine bedrooms and six baths in 4,267 square feet. Children who had slept on the floor or in the garage now each had a room. The energy-efficient house also had a Polynesian-themed back yard to celebrate the Leomitis' Samoan heritage.
The house, its mortgage paid by the builder that did the makeover, was presented at the "reveal" in February 2005. Videotape rolled as the families pulled up in a white limo, greeted by throngs of neighbors and well-wishers, including Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
With the new digs came a slew of other goodies, including two years' worth of groceries, audio and video equipment, laptop computers and six Ford compact cars — three for each family.
But that day's positive feeling was short-lived.
Within weeks, the two eldest siblings, Charles and Michael, then 21 and 19, had moved out of the house and were followed in short order by the others. By August, the orphans had hired a lawyer and sued the Leomitis, ABC and other defendants. The lawsuit sought unspecified damages on allegations that included fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress and breach of contract, although that last count has been dismissed.
Charles Higgins, the oldest of the five Higgins children, and the Higgins' family attorney, Patrick Mesisca, explain their case to "The Abrams Report" ( watch below)

A judge has since ruled against them in their lawsuit against ABC. But just as Abrams stated int the video, is this issue really with the show or the Leomitis? With the timing of the events, it really sounds as if , after hearing thru the church that the show wanted to have the Higgins on, they then invited them in the home,....on the chance that if they were picked, there home would get done. ABC essentially stated that the Higgens were "Guest " in the Leomiti's home , so they don't really have any legal obligation to let them stay there.... That is really crazy!...If this story is true, the Leomitis wouldn't have had or needed the 9 bedroom home that the show gave them if not for the Higgens. But on the other hand, ABC, really messed up!. If they wanted to do something for the Higgens, they should have built a small house for them, not for two families who have no ties or legal obligation to stay together!
But this is just a long line of "Problems" that are wrong with the show. Questions arose when Theresa "Momi" Akana was picked for the Extreme Makeover program for Hawaii. The Honolulu Advertiser investigated their tax records and found out that both she and her husband made over $100,000 each in salary. Denise Cramsey, the executive producer of the show, responded with "I think Momi certainly fits the bill." She defended the pick, stating that they look beyond financial situation, and look into other factors, including family plight and contributions to the community.
One can't help but wonder, if Extreme Makeover is really about helping people as much as it is a television show with ratings?
The downfall of the EM contestants could be a combination of both the show and peoples internal sense of greed. People don't understand that when you get a house, that there are other expenses associated with it!, Upkeep, maintenance, heat, electric,TAXES! So though ABC is building you a bigger , better house, free of charge, its isn't exactly FREE. Ultimately its up the home owner to tell them NO, THAT HOUSE IT TOO BIG FOR ME TO MAINTAIN!...but really , what person is going to say that when they are living in less than desirable conditions? They are happy to have this bright , shiny, too expensive house to live in....if only for awhile!
Also, maybe ABC, needs to really investigate these "Situations" before they approve a family for this show, especially in the case of the Leomitis/Higgins family....instead of just going for the sob story or the story that can generate the best ratings.....I mean they really thought that building a 9 bedroom house for a family to live in that were "Guest" as put in there contract, wouldn't cause a future issue? two of my friends are still arguing over who drank the other persons 32oz Snapple Apple from a month ago,......imagine if it was a house?
The show said that they advise the winners to get a financial advisor, which is a great idea, but you would think that they would point people in the direction of a good financial advisor, like they do with the construction and charity people? Honestly , they just won a half a million dollar house...do you think they are thinking of or know of a good financial advisor?
All I know is that with the economy in the crapper and falling even lower, I think alot more "Foreclosures" are going to be coming to the surface and maybe Extreme Makeover:Home Edition needs to look at there business practices.....
Remeber the old saying "NO GOOD DEED ,GOES UNPUNISHED"?


Farewell "Real Housewives of Atlanta"...We Will Miss You!

on Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So the season finale of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" has premiered and we will miss it! It is one of the best seasons yet....rivals the original O.C Housewives!
So this final episode of this show started with a little dinner between new BFF's Sheree and Kim with Lisa.

and Lisa asking those two why they didn't show up to Deshawn's little "mending fences" dinner the previous night. They both made polite excuses and then talked crap about Deshawn during the private interview...ahhh makes me remember the high school days!
Then we cut to Sheree "pulling some strings" and getting a meeting with Project Runway favorite Michael Knight to discuss why she is a shitty fashion designer.....yes, did you know? apparently wearing expensive clothing also means that you can design clothing, so all you need is money and no formal training...guess this is why her things look so......well crappy for lack of a better word.

I am glad that he was on there and gave her some straight and realistic talk . He emphasis the fact that he meets several of these "Sports Wives" that think that because they have money, they can do a fashion line.......He also told her that she needs to learn about textiles and fabric combos! I LOVED IT! Finally someone who doesn't need or want to impress her or be apart of her " inner circle" told her how it is. Watching this show people really see that she has a lot of "yes men" in her camp, people who tell her that she is fabulous when she isn't!..One more reason to love Michael Knight.
Then we come to Lisa and Deshawn, now when last we left, Lisa's NFL husband was let go out of his contract due to his bad knee, so while he was looking for a team, he ended up being picked up by the Oakland Raiders( which is has been dropped from as well)

Lisa looked visibly upset and decided to cook dinner with Deshawn at Deshawns house.
Is it just me or does Lisa secretly hate Deshawn? I think that she is jealous, of Deshawn and her situation. You could tell by her response when the Deshawn's cook came in and stated that Deshawn hadn't cooked in over 10 years , so Lisa ( who doesnt have a cook) had to do all the work. Deshawn's NBA husband also got injured and decided to retire......I think that Lisa is mad that she still has to hustle for her money. NFL players like Lisa's husband are different from NBA players. Just because a NFL player is picked up doesn't mean that they are on the team, they can play and train and then be dropped without getting paid!
Where as NBA players get there money up front, guaranteed! Lisa asked Deshawn very subtly whether they were okay, money wise, and Deshawn was like, "we planned for this" so we are fine!
Deshawn has the big house ( too big if you ask me) , the cook and all the trimmings, while Lisa has several jobs , no cook or nanny and still worried about the money....You could just see the jealousy!
It all ended with a dinner planned by Lisa, that everyone, including the kids and the husbands showed up to to "clear the air" as the INSTIGATOR LISA WU HARTWELL planned it!

The went back and forth with NeNE telling Kim that she should have come to her as a friend and talked about everything instead of just taking other peoples word. Sheree didn't even try to reconcile, she just said, it is what it is.
They ended it with the fake reconciliation!
I am waiting for the Reunion Show next week, that is going to be great. It was shot recently after all the girls watched the show, so they get to see what others say about them during the "one on one " interviews!


has a restraining order against Lisa!..She said that Lisa threatened to Kill her! WTF! And here is the VIDEO OF KIM PLAYING LISA'S CRAZY VOICEMAIL as well as talking about the incident that led up to the restraining order!

apparently has a very sketchy past! She is the ex wife of legendary R & B whiner KEITH SWEAT! and has two kids with him! Justin and Jordon featured below in the Sweat Family Photo ( along with Sweat's two other girls from a different women)

For those of you who don't remember Keith sweat is the 80's "whiner" who had such babymaking hits as " Merry GO Round" and " I Want Her".
According to E, Lisa was hoping to have all three of her children on the show, but her ex-husband, late ,Keith Sweat, has gotten in the way.“He didn’t sign a waiver,” Hartwell complains. “He’s like, ‘Lisa, it’s nothing personal. I just really don’t know how they’re going to edit and if they’re going to make you look crazy. I just don’t want the kids to be, you know, overexposed or anything.’ “
Hartwell doesn’t buy it. “They asked their dad if could they be involved, and he [said] no,” she says. “It could have been a Disney show and I don’t think he would have signed it.”
For now, Hartwell appears on the show as if she only has one child, one-year-old E.J., her son with her current husband, NFL player Ed Hartwell...who she married after only knowing 2 months.
She claims to be an expert businesswoman, having gotten her feet wet in both real estate and jewelry , but she maybe isn't as successful as portrayed on the show having had to declare Bankruptcy last year!
Also Lisa has gone by several names in the past, including Sharon Millette Wu, and Sharon Lisa Sweat.....sounds like she was a video hoe....oops, I believe they call it "Video Modeling" now and kept trading up....but by the looks of her jealously of Deshawn, looks like she wants more!


We now get to see the true side of Lisa Wu Hartwell and all season we have been saying that she has a "mean " side to her and here it is!

But that's not all, of course NeNe has her own beef with Kim!

This is just a small part of this show. What is interesting to notice is Deshawn, who doesn't say a word....even sits away from the ladies, lol...its like she knows that they are all full of SH$#t and wants no part! Because as naive as Deshawn may be , she really didn't have anything negative to say about the other ladies, even in the one on one interviews....but they other ladies can't say the same!
I think that this reunion is really going to show us the "The TRUE FEELINGS" towards each other, because they are very fake when the camera comes on!

I love the hot mess that is the ATL Houswives, and will miss them...the only consolation is that "THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF O.C" is coming on next week! and they have added another hot and younger house wive! Let the catfighting and jealousy begin!


The Real Houswives of Atlanta...this isn't your cookie cutter mom

on Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Okay, so I will admit it....I watch the Real Housewives Series on Bravo and I luv it!. Is it me or is this new season based in Atlanta the most ridiculous season yet? I thought it couldn't get any worse than the O.C version, but I was wrong!
With a predominately African American cast and one (Kim Zolciak) who is the self proclaimed " black girl in a white girls body". This series show "according to a member of the cast" Atlanta's elite. Well if this is the cream of the crop, I would hate to see the bottom of the barrel!

The least crazy one seems to be Lisa Wu Hartwell

a gorgous girl married to NFL player Ed Hartwell, they go married only after knowing each other a couple of months, but seem to be going strong ( good luck with that..cause we only have one word fro you....GROUPIES) .
She has a real estate firm with her husband....with the economy sucking right now, I doubt they are doing well. She also has a line of baby clothes called Hart 2 Hart Baby......

They said that it is sold thru "Upscale Boutiques", but how upscale can it be with the items retailing under $20? And she only has about 4 pieces per girl and boys online.....so that should tell you something. And as we saw on the series she decided to start a jewelry line called Wu Girls

Most of her jewelry line ( which we saw in series) is affordable being that the average price is about 1-2K and something that you can get at any Mall Jeweler, but as we saw in the show she partnered with well known Jewelry Stephan Zale and that is not mentioned on her site....mmmnnnn, interesting.
One thing that is interesting to note, there is a claim that she wrote and produced a well known play, (especially in the african american community) called "Change is Gonna Come" that was directed by self made juggernaut Tyler Perry...who was a little known personality then. We can neither confirm or dispute that.
All in all, she seems to be the one working so much, that she doesn't have time for the petty Bulls$%t....I guess you can say she is like Switzerland...neutral.

DeShawn Snow, is the wife of the Eric Snow, captain of the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers

and though doesn't work does do charity thru her foundation. BUT, she is really the start of the ridiculousness that is the series. In the first episode, she was hiring a staff

for her newly built monstrosity of a home. She was hiring a Staff Manager, Maid, Butler, Valet , Governess and Nanny for her family of four. What I found funny is that she doesn't seem to know the difference between a Governess and and Nanny and it seems as if she is just hiring this staff just to say that she has it. What really solidified her "trying to keep up with the jones" was when her staff manager was reviewing what her parents requested to be in there room upon there visit ( Irish baileys cream and some other nonsense) and she turned to her husband and asked him what his parents wanted and he replied " nothing, b/c my parents wouldn't request things"......that look he gave her said it all. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU REQUESTING THESE THINGS?.
Then she got the bright idea to do a charity event to raise 1 million dollars for her foundation. This would have been great , if she had actually thought it out and planned it.

She decided to invite the cities "elite" but didn't pre sell tickets, and then got on television and invited everyone in the city to HER HOUSE! Then they proceeded to show these peoples face and you heard the commentary that these were people who were essentially "GROUPIES"..they go to parties and try to latch on to so called "celebrities". So needless to say, these were not the people who had the big bucks needed to raise a million dollars, so after the auction ended they didn't even break even...resulting in DeShawn crying in her room...yes it was as embarrassing as it sounds! This women is so focused on trying to impress people that she doesn't realize how ridiculous she come off....here's a thought, you don't need it if someone has to explain to you how to use it!

Then we come to Sheree Whitfield

Nemesis of Nene and ex wife of a sports athlete....well pending as according to her she is looking for "some six figure settlement". She use to own a clothing boutique that is since closed and is now trying to start her own clothing line........why people, have they not learned anything from J.Lo and Tina Knowles?Wearing Cavalli , Prada and any other designer brands, doesn't mean that you can design clothes......as evident by this ensemble below....
With her overly developed "Madonna" arms and mannish demeanor , it's laughable when she talks about how good she looks . She comes off with a holier than thou attitute that we find annoying

Now her nemesis NeNe Leakes may be the most memorable of all the cast members, but also she may be one of the most annoying.

Something happened between Sheree and NeNe , which wasn't really explained, but it lead to them not being friends anymore and a sort of season back and forth battle between the two.
She also doesn't work ,but does head her own foundation dealing with domestic violence issues. There is also a rumor that she wants to own her own set of boutique hotels in Atlanta...that may be a good venture for her.
Her battle with Sheree started off with Sheree inviting NeNe to her birthday party and then "ironically" her name wasn't on the invite list at the door.
This cause her and her friend Kim, to leave the event after several words were exchanged.

NeNe then left with Kim in tow, but there last chance of "mending fences" was severed.
This leads to maybe the most ridiculous character of this series...Kim Zolciak

This wig wearing , over the top, side switching housewife is trying to become a country singer. No one knows what she even does for a living , but we do know that she as a sugar daddy who wants to remain nameless...

This busty Blonde accompanied Nene to Sheree's party wearing a dress designed just for her

to then turn right around and the door in "support of her friend" Nene.
We then saw her at her recording session with ex TLC producer Dallas Austin

for her new country album....to then be told in a nice way by the vocal coach that she ....well she sucks and is tone deaf! Do you see Dallas Austin holding is head down in shame?lol.
But in what was the best episode to date, the girls minus Kim and New BFF Sheree, when to dinner and NeNe started bashing Sheree and Kim's singing

This caught everyone off guard and someone then told Sheree ( she wouldn't say who it was) but we know it was ....

What NeNe was saying about her and Sheree in turn told Kim. Kim then used this to sever all ties with NeNe via Text Message

What I can't believe is that Kim is calling someone a Low Budget bitch!...is it just me or does Kim Look like a low rent CoCo...Ice-T's wife?
This was just the opportunity that Kim needed to "trade up". NeNe introduced Kim to Sheree and she saw that Sheree has access to a larger circle than Nene and now Kim had an excuse to cut ties with NeNe and move up and on!
Not that NeNe isn't wrong for talking about her friend like that , but it seemed like it was just too quick for Kim to dump her...she didn't even ask NeNe what she said or if that was true...

This show is a prime example that Money doesn't equate to class...just because you have money doesn't mean you are classy or carry yourself that way. And just because you may be poor doesn't mean that you are not classy or carry yourself with some pride. Here are examples of some of these women who look and act tacky and ridiculous and are really trying to be something that they are not.........BUT I still am going to watch, lol


Did the right designer win Project Runway?

on Friday, October 17, 2008

So after having seen the Bravo's Last Season of Project Runway ( don't worry people, it just moving to another station), I can't help but feel that the wrong person won!
I have always admired Project Runway for being one the the only "Reality" television shows for getting it right, when alot of them have already or are going to "Jump the Shark" by awarding the prize to the most drama filled person and not the most talented. But one can't help but feel that Korto should have won.

After stunning showings from Leanne and Korto.....Kenley's was not even worth mentioning ( it reminded me of a first year fashion student) The majority of guest that they asked wanted Korto to win.
Leannes collection , though stunning and the amount of work that went into it was fantastic, was the same look over and over again...

She said that she was inspired by water and waves and she certainly incorporated that with the dozens of Petals on each dress, making then flow like water back and forth when the model walked down the runway.....over and over again. But this finale wedding dress was a stunner, looking like it could be off the pages of vogue.

Korto , on the other hand, was inspired by her homeland of Africa and it came thru.....

She managed to incorporate her culture into clothing and not look like a costume...keeping it upscale and wearable . And unlike the monotonous color palette of he rcompetitior, hers was vibrant and rich, really playing to nature. This white two piece above was fantastic coming down the runway, this photo doesn't do it justice...you can't see the details.

Kenley's on the other hand, was not even in contention for the prize and everyone knew it but her!

She said that she created this line after having been inspired by Alice in Wonderland....but I have read and seen "Thru the Looking Glass" and I think that if Alice or any other charecter was wearing this, the Queen of Hearts would have definatly cut there head off.
What is so funny ( and I hope that Kenley watches herself on t.v) is that she doesn't know designers, so when everyone constantly told her that her designs had been seen before , instead of being himbled, she was defensive. Case in Point..........
Kenleys Dress (On Left) Alexander McQueens Spring 08(On Right)

Kenley's Dress (On Left) Balenciage Spring 08 (On Right)

Remember, Spring 2008 is shown Febuary 2008 of every year, long before they start taping the show ......MMMMMNNNN.THERE IS A BIG RESEMBLENCE!

And speaking of taping, alot of time, what you see on screen is not what was taped. Did you know that Jerrell & Suede actually showed at Fashion Week? As with every episode of the finals they actually have 5 designers showing due to Fashion Week scheduling and air timing. Also, because past contestants and the media is actually there, so by them showing 5 designers, it will not get leaked who the final 3 are. They just edit the ones that gets cut out.

Take a look at Jerell's line below:

Here is some of Suede's Show:

I actually like Jerell and think he is talented, BUT.... based on the other collections, he and Suede would have been in the same boat as Kenley.....not on the same level as Korto and Leanne.

Also, incase you didn't notice......Did you see several America's Next Top Model Alumni Walk the Runway?


Bianca ( Top Model Cast Off)

Both of them walked for Korto's line.....Also Naima tryed out ( Did you see her in the Model Casting?) Of course she didn't get cast, but it's good to see her still trying to model.

Though Korto didn't win....this is one reality show competition where it's still about talent. And these designers, do have a career after this show, we know Korto will.............